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League of Legends

Sign up for the Oceanic University Championship

Put your League skills to the test by taking part in Unigames!
Are you serious about League of Legends? Do you think you could lead a team to victory? Steal a Baron from the best of them? If so, then the Oceanic University Championships are your chance to prove it. 
As part of Unigames, this is a comp for the best of the best—no hustlers, Rift scuttlers, or bronze battlers here. We’re putting the call out for those who have invested their blood, sweat and (salty) tears into long games of League to emerge hardened warriors. 
If this sounds like you, this is the place to represent your uni on the Rift, working up through Regional and National Tournaments to determine the top uni team in Oceania. If it’s not? Make sure to ask your club about uni Rumble for semester two!
Proving grounds
Before you can make it to Unigames, you’ll need to qualify. Your League of Legends University Club will be running trials from June 21, 2017 onwards. If you talk a big game, there’s no better way to backup your claims than showing that you’re the best damn player on campus. 
How these trials work will differ from uni to uni, being anything from individual scrims to full on team versus team tournaments. 
To sign up for trials, find your club in the Uni Club Directory and get involved! Conversely, you can speak to your university’s Unigames representative, or, if your uni doesn’t have a club yet, why not start your own?
What's on the line?

Glory is the key component of tournaments, but there are a few other prizes along the way. 
If you get selected to represent your uni, you’ll go on to compete in the Unigames Regional Tournament, which sees teams from all over Oceania battle it out against their neighbouring universities to win RP and progress to the next stage. More details about the ins and outs of this will be released in future posts, but we can say there is also a Triumphant Ryze skin on the line. 
The Unigames National Tournament sees the top team of each region clash to decide the best in OCE, which promises to deliver some epic, high level games of League of Legends. The Oceanic University Championship will then see the two top teams head to Sydney to play their final series over LAN at the Riot Games Oceanic Studio, streamed live with professional commentary from OCS casters.
This is not a pennant event.
Get involved
Don’t get ahead of yourself! The first step is to find your club in the Uni Club Directory and sign up for trials. To make it to Regionals, you first have to prove that you’re among your own uni’s elite! If your uni doesn’t have a club, it’s time to start one

So keep playing, get training and prepare to strut your stuff on the Rift. 

More information will be available in the near future so please check back regularly.

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